Johnny Nucleo
Real name or nick name Nick Schultz
Icq #
Personal homepage
Other homepage
System Pentium 300 Mhz, 128 Mb
Video TnT2
Connection T1
Operating System Windows 98
Favorite Level Millenium Madness, The Temple
Favorite weapon Railgun- If I'm aiming straight, though I do rather enjoy disemboweling rookies with the grapple.
Favorite model/skin Alien (Grey), Homer is a close second
Catch Phrase You bloated idiot! (Ren and Stimpy)
Birthday 8/3/58
Interests Home improvements, woodworking, auto restoration (in another life), spending time with my family, CHAOS- of course.
Location Washington DC
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Married/Single Keep your meathooks off, ladies
Children Daughter
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