1. Real name or nick name Hello, my name is Jeff Mader, and I 'm a Quakeaholic. I haven't had a Quake in 5 minutes.
2. Icq # 45900182
3. Personal homepage
4. Other homepage
5. System Home built PII-400 256Mb / 13Gig.
6. Video Viper 550 16Mb APG w/ twin fan-cooled Monster VooDoo II 12Mb cards (running 1024x768).
7. Connection DSL
8. Operating System Win 98 (hangs daily).
9. Favorite Level Personal Vendetta.
10. Favorite weapon Exploding Crossbow (w/ anti-gravity belt on) {sigh}.
11. Favorite skin/class/ Grey (skinny little alien guy).
12. Catch Phrase Frisbee anyone? (RE: Gravity Vortex).
13. Age 35
14. Interests Sand volleyball, travel, cycling, home automation.
15. Location Gilbert, {is that cowpies I smell?} Arizona.
16. Occupation I design and sell Surface Animation Systems for a Silicon Valley based technology company named Add-Vision. We have developed these systems over the past 5 years, and are finally bringing them to market. We have chosen to start with the gaming and point-of-purchase advertising industries.
17. CLQ Page