Real name or nick name Jason or J
Icq # 38197022
Personal homepage
Other homepage
System PIV 1.6MHz, 384MB RAM
Video G-Force2 Ultra 64MB video ram
Connection Cable
Operating System Win ME
Favorite Level Anything that is not wide open. Makes the play a little more fair.
Favorite weapon I like the poison arrows because of their affect.(URP!) NOT practical for fraggin however...
Favorite model/skin Used to run as the alien, spiderman skin. Been using the crakwhore skins as of late. The movement on screen is more fluid.
Catch Phrase Cowards die many times their death, but the valiant die but once. or Wasn't Me!
Birthday 7/11/71
Interests Tipping cows? Just kidding. Needle point...Asian Culture....International Travel
Location San Jose/Oakland/S.F. Bay Area
Occupation Electronics Retail
Married/Single Married
Children None that I know of... :)
CLQ Page
Other Favorite Site Ummm is this appropriate (hee hee) Craigslist.org