Dowload Trixie's Skin
Real Name/Nick: Kathleen
Favorite Bull HasBen
Favorite Gun BuzzSaw, Railgun and Rocket Launcher
Favorite Levels Senpain, arma5, Chaosdm_von12
Favorite Model/Skin Crakhor/bklann3
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Pasttime playing Chaos
Personal homepage
Other homepage your here 8-)
System Asus P3 1.0ghz, 512 meg, 40 gigs
Video Asus GeForce4 MX
Connection dsl
Operating System Windows XP
Catch Phrase
Location Southern California
Occupation Domestic Engineer/Mother
Favorite Moo's to kill R. Flagg, Crackers
Number of children 1
Married to HasBen
Favorite Car Lamborghini

src="roxette-sleepinginmycar.mid" volume=0