Join the MOOs

The MOO Format: Love it or Hate It?

You Need to understand.. How we operate as a clan. We're not a "very serious" clan.

All of us play for fun! We don't have mandatory meetings, clan games or matches..

We're a unique, one of a kind clan, very few are even similar to us, and we like it that way.

If one, wants to be all about skillz this isn't the clan for you! We honor top players for high scores but it's mainly for fun. I enjoy making creative emails. Nothing more.

If one wants to be arrogant and rude, there are plenty of other clans, that will have you.

We frown on dispirited player bashing.. or antagonizing fights in a game.

This includes:

Harassing players for using less-skilled weapons or camping. To do this, we consider it unsportsman-like and childish. If you can't hack it, just quit the game.


The above is NOT our rules, just a message to help you understand what the MOO clan is all about,

If you're still interested, then ------ > read the rules <--- and if you agree to abide by them,

then click on one of the following 2 links to email us.

New Gloom players please contact ~Epoch{Moo}~ at

Thank You