Jake Cage
Member Status: Quit, left to help Juice revive the EMC clan, his former clan. ( now DRGN )
1. Real name or nick name Brian(real name), have also used and am still using the following: Jake Cage, Brick Bazooka, and CaGeD{MoO}
2. Icq # 13866356
3. Personal homepage I don't have a personal page.....boy am I behind the times....if anyone there can help me make one, I would sure appreciate it.
4. Other homepage See Above.....
5. System System: Pentium III, with 256 mb ram
6. Video VOODOO 3 - tweaked to the max
7. Connection ISDN@ 115,000 BPS...DSL not here yey :-(
8. Operating System Windows 98 second edition
9. Favorite Level ChaosDM4 JUMP
10. Favorite weapon Explosive Crossbow
11. Favorite skin/class/ Crafty/Ruby with sound pack provided by Michele(DC) and Juice
12. Catch Phrase Tissue?
13. Age 31 God I'm getting old!!!!
14. Interests Weightlifting, my 2 daughters, playing chaos and since she's staring over my shoulder....my wife
15. Location Hendersonville, North Carolina
16. Occupation Owner of Western Carolina Mechanical, Inc. We install, sell and service all types of Heating And Air Conditioning Equipment.
17. CLQ Page http://www.theclq.com/asp/find.asp?pid=3531967
18. Other Favorite Site www.theclq.com www.mooclan.com www.wwf.com www.wcw.com ChaoticDreams PlanetQuake
19. Single/Married Married
20. Children I have 2 daughters....Taylor...and Hunter