Mom O'Bot
1. Real name or nick name Beth Bruner
2 icq # Don't use ICQ anymore...however, we do have AOL's IM (handle: dabrunerfam)
3. Personal homepage however, it's STILL under construction!
4. Other homepage Are you serious?? Still can't complete the first one!
5. System Pentium II 300 MHz, 128 Mb SDRAM
6. Video Diamond Stealth III S540
7. Connection Usually 44k with a 56k internal modem
8. Operating System Windows 98
9. Favorite Level Jailhouse, Beneath The Surface
10. Favorite weapon Definitely the railgun....also the Gravity Vortex :)
11. Favorite skin/class I usually use the Sydney model with the Lara Croft skin.
12. Catch Phrase "Woohoo!!!"
13. Age 29
14. Interests Chaos, Reading, playing with son, more Chaos :)
15. Location Portage, Michigan
16. Occupation Full-time domestic goddess!!
17. Marital status Married 6 1/2 years to hubby Jon (aka Briareos)
18. Child/children One son, Devon (aka Boobot), just turned 2...a little young for fraggin'! :)
19. Other favorite sites
20. Clq Stats