1. Real name or nick name Jon Bruner
2. Icq # none, but we do have AOL's Instant Messenger
3. Personal homepage
4. Other homepage Who's got time for that? :) Visit the above page and you'll see what I mean.
5. System Pentium II 300 MHz, 128 Mb SDRAM
6. Video Diamond Stealth III S540
7. Connection 56K Modem
8. Operating System Win98
9. Favorite Level Warehouse Q2DM8
10. Favorite weapon Situation dependant
11. Favorite skin/class/ Okay, here's the short list... @, EVA-01, hunter, pretty, priss2, ryla
12. Catch Phrase LOL :)
13. Age 29
14. Interests PC and Console Games, selective Manga and Anime, Music
15. Location Portage, MI, USA
16. Occupation Service Clerk, Computer Center Tutor, Student
17. Marital status Happily...Married to Mom O'Bot {Moo}
18. Child/children Devon Michael Bruner (age 2, nickname: BooBot)
19. Other favorite sites ...other show, what other show. :)
20. Clq Stats