Entire Map Rotation

The entire MooTown map rotation hasben put into a single zip file. This will make it possible for you to download and unpack everything at once. By doing so, you can save yourself about 8 hours compared to downloading everything off the game server. Here are some instructions for those of you who have not done this before.

1. First of all, download the "FullMapPak_10_13_2001_UnSplit.ZIP" file. ( 53 megs )

2. Then open the zip file with pkzip or your favorite unzipping program. If you don't have a ZIP program to unpack the file with when download and install PKZIP from here: http://www.pkware.com/shareware/pkzip_win.html

3. Before extracting the maps, Set "preferences" to create directory structure. See the pics below (1A).

4. Set the path for "quake2/chaos" folder, this depends on where you installed quake2. If you installed Q2 onto drive letter C: , then the right "extract path" will probably be the same as below, see (#2).

5. After the preferences and the path are set just hit the extract button, see (#3).

Thats all, now you're ready to frag frag frag... 8-)