Sir Loin (of beef)
Real name or nick name Sir Loin (of Beef) aka Herb Ward
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System PII 350 128 mb ram (it burns up my 386-25 even with a coprocessor!!!)
Video Elsa Erazor 3 (Riva TNT2 chipset)
Connection 56K modem (yea right!!!) usually 24000 - 26400 (Sloowww)
Operating System Win 98
Favorite Level any Doom look alikes or any tdc map
Favorite weapon M-60 machinegun.... oh and in Q..poison grenades or Broadsword for up close and personal encounters
Favorite model/skin Doom
Catch Phrase "Thats' gotta hurt!"
Birthday 11-20-64
Interests Chaos, woodworking, bad sci-fi & "B" movies
Location Richmond, Virginia
Occupation Geographic Informations Systems Manager
Married/Single married to the almost perfect wife....almost only because she doesn't like Quake!
Children daughter (2 1/2) Son (5 months)
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